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Li oso

adult swim, afi, andy warhol, angst, animal rights, anime, anita blake, anita blake novels, anne rice, anti-smoking, astronomy, baroque music, bisexuality, blood, bondage, books, boys in makeup, braids, cats, cemeteries, chai, chaos, chocolate, chocolate chip cookie dough, church bells, classical music, closer, comedy, corporate goth, corsets, dancing, davey havok, death scenes, discordia, drama, edgar allan poe, ethics, failure, fan fiction, fear, feminism, fetish, fighting, fire, flirting, foreign films, fortune cookies, freaks, free will, gay men, gay rights, gay superheroes, geeks, girl scout cookies, girls, goth boys, grooving, guitars, guns, guys wearing bracelets, hebrew, hipbones, history, holy names, homosexuality, horror, incense, indie rock, insanity, invader zim, irony, italy, jean-claude, jessica rabbit, johnny depp, journalism, kissing, latin, laurell k. hamilton, leather, lesbians, lestat, life, lips, logic, manga, monty python, movies, muse, music, music history, music theory, musicals, my chemical romance, night, nightmare before christmas, nine inch nails, ninjas, nudity, penguins, piano, pie, piercings, pillows, pink and black, pirates, poetry, politics, procrastinating, purring, questionable content, rain, reading, rocky horror picture show, sadomasochism, sarcasm, sex, sexuality, shakespeare, singing, sitting indian style, skinny dipping, sleeping, spelling my interests correctly, stabbing westward, stewie griffin, storms, surveys, sushi, swords, tai chi, tarot, tattoos, the beatles, the nightmare before christmas, thick eyelashes, thinking, thunder, tolkien, tragedy, vampires, webcomics, who framed roger rabbit, wisdom, words, writing, yoga, zen